Experiencing Africa with Safari Craftsmen
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What better way to experience Africa than with those who know it best! We have recently had one of our Craftsmen Joffers, return from an incredible two week safari within South Africa.

With the time of year being absolutely perfect for a southern African safari, we knew we were in for an epic adventure. The stunning contrasting colours of the bush along with perfect temperatures really meant that we had everything on our side. Little did we know, we would have some of the most magical experiences that one can witness whilst on safari.

The days started in the early mornings with the cool crisp air as we waited for sunrise not only to warm ourselves but also to progressively get warmer meaning that the animals would become a bit more active. Watching the sun rise in the mornings really set the tone for the day and how could one not have a good day when it starts off with the red glow of the sun peering over the horizon. We would sit and watch the sun rise with lions roaring in the distance on a few occasions, this really got the blood pumping and got the excitement levels shooting through the roof. We came across multiple different species, including the big five, elephant, rhino, cape buffalo, lion and leopard. The sightings did not stop there as we were also treated to multiple wild dog sightings with the new pack members, we had puppies playing all around us at their den site. We were also fortunate enough to experience a female cheetah on the move with her three cubs, not only was this super cute to see but also something incredible special as the number of cheetahs are diminishing all throughout Africa. One particular sighting that stood out was that of a pride of lions hunting cape buffalo. We found the lions in the early morning and followed them to a large herd of buffalo. Now this is a very risky hunt for the lions as buffalo are able to fight back and can end up injuring a lion. The lions then took off after the herd causing a massive commotion with buffalo and lions running all over the show. The excitement levels could not be contained as we did not know what would happen next. After a few attempts, the pride gave up as it was starting to warm up. They found a comfortable spot in the shade to rest for the day and at the same time kept a wear eye on the herd. We decided it would be best for us to stay with the pride till sunset to see what would unfold after darkness fell. As the late afternoon came about, the buffalo headed for a nearby water source whereby they a drink and headed into an open clearing to rest up for the night. As darkness fell, we were once again on the move, spotlight in hand and voices low, we were on the hunt! After about an hour of siting in the dark, the action kicked off. We heard the lions running and then a sudden thump. This was it! The lions had caught and old buffalo cow! The herd ran away with confusion whilst the lions earned their well-deserved prize. After they had killed the buffalo, we watched as the lions immersed themselves in the kill, hyena started to call but knew to keep their distance. We went back to the scene the following morning only to find a few ribs as well as the skull left. The lions had made short work of their kill. It was something spectacular to witness the life cycle of the bush. As one dies, it allows for another to live.

These types of experiences are what safari is all about, taking the time and patience to invest in a sighting can often result in some of the most memorable experiences. Experiencing Africa at its best is what we do and  we could not be happier to share these type of experiences with our guests.

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