Inspiring Stories to watch - a new feature
Chris Renshaw-Painted Reed Frogs-Okavango Delta
Chris Renshaw-Chimpanzee-Kibale Forest NP

There have been a few documentaries recently released that have inspired us as a team… This lead us to great idea – why not share these with our awesome clients so that they have some insight as to what we as “Craftsmen” love to watch and inspire us to do what we do. 

The first is a a Disney Plus six part series, called “Photographer”. This follows unique stories of awards inning and National Geographic photographers, and all the behind the scenes footage of why the do what they do. All inspiring stories, and each unique to the field that they work in.  

The second, is a documentary on a family of leopards in the Botswana’s Okavango Delta. It is called “Living With Leopards”, and provides a unique and up close and personal story of a film crew who spend a number of years following a leopardess and her cubs, as well the story of the leopards themselves. Amazing insight into the life of a leopard in one of the most magical places on earth. 

Both are incredible to watch and experience, and we hope you get as much joy, insight and inspiration as we do. 

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