Santawani and Vumbura Plains

Botswana and specifically the Okavango Delta is heaven on earth. This is where water flows freely, channels are carved and life flows into the desert, creating a habitat that one can only imagine. Abundant fauna and flora call this paradise home, and if I were animal and had to pick a place to be reincarnated, it would be here.

There are numerous concessions within the Delta, with some having more eater than others. In specific seasons one can pick areas where game viewing is at its best, and where water channels flow.  A perfect itinerary can be crafted, and this is exactly what we did. 

The Santawani and Gomotti region is famous for high numbers of predator and prey species in early spring (August through to October). We started our safari there and were very keen to get the wildlife gods on our side, as wild dogs, lion, and leopard had all be seen recently. These were our target species, and my good friend Dave was on hand to guide us around his patch of Botswana’s paradise. The next few days his skill and passion combined with our lust for adventure resulted in some phenomenal experiences. We found leopard, lion, and wild dog and had some wonderful interactions to photograph. Santawnai never disappoints! 

The flowing channels and extensive woodlands of the Vumbura concession were next… After doing so well with the game viewing at Santawani time allowed us to be more adventurous, take our time and experience the wonders of the Okavango delta. We went fished for tigerfish, did scenic helicopter flights, and had one of the best sundowners I have ever had. Swimming in a shallow floodplain with a floating mokoro as a bar. It was spectacular! 

These safari experiences must be lived to be understood, and at the risk of sounding like a relative that bores you with their endless holiday stories, I will leave it at that. However, we do have some rather lovely photos so have a look and enjoy!

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